The End of Nick Pope

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Research, Uncategorized
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I’ve always had mixed feelings about Nick Pope. In fact, any ex government official like Nick Pope (ex MOD) or Chase Brandon (ex CIA) so willing to jump in front of a camera to talk about UFOs stinks like counter-intelligence. So it comes as no great surprise to learn that Mr Pope’s comments regarding UFOs and the London Olympics were nothing more than a PR stunt aimed at selling an alien invasion themed Playstation game. The following is a quote from an email written by Nick Pope to Richard Dolan and read on air by Richard Dolan, June 30 2012, on “Truth Out Radio”. The email was in response to a question Richard asked regarding Pope’s previous comments about ET and the Olympics.

“My comments concerning Alien Invasion etc, arose because I was commissioned to do some tie-in PR for the launch of the alien invasion themed Sony Playstation game, “Resistance: Burning Skies”, out exclusively on the Playstation Vita. I came up with the idea of an alien invasion war plan. There are 2 versions out there, I can email you copies, a serious version and a more pop culture version that got picked up by the Daily Mail. The real issue here, and it applies to lots of subjects, is the increasingly blurred lines between real news reporting and marketing. “Chasing Ufo’s” is a classic case in point. How many UFO stories published in the last day or 2 arose because Nat Geo or a PR company acting on their behalf, sent out a press release with various stories, UFO themed opinion polls, competitions, etc, which contain a phrase – “commissioned in anticipation of National Geographic channel’s Chasing UFOs series premiering Friday night”. Type UFO into Google News and see how many ads mention “Chasing UFOs””

Nick Pope has completely discredited himself in the field of UFOlogy. Ironically he speaks of “the real issue of blurring the lines between news and marketing” whilst perpetuating just that. It also reconfirmed my assumption that he’s not ex Ministry of Defense.  The issue of Disinformation and Counter Intelligence Programs, (COINTELPRO), designed to deliberately spread false Information in order to keep the public away from the truth and muddy the waters by intentionally spreading false stories to de-legitimize the subject. In other words if some of the info is true and some of it is ridiculous, it’s all perceived as ridiculous.

I certainly hope the check from Sony was big because I’m betting speaking fees and book deals are a thing of the past for Nick Pope.


Thank you Richard Dolan for your continued impeccable integrity.

Special Thanks to PLANETunderATTACK



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