Ufo – Massive Glowing Orb – Australia – August 5, 2012

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Research, Sightings, Video
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Ufo – Huge Glowing Orb – Australia – August 5, 2012

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from the shooter…”Ok so I finally have something that made me go wow! This came over my neighbours house very low and very early in the morning and it is the biggest I have ever seen! I even called my friend and made her check to make sure it was the go! It was red/gold in colour to the eye and moved slowly across the sky, There were also loads of others hanging around all night and a fleet with it. I have loads of footage! I will post more!”

Stay Tuned



  1. Julia Foreal says:

    wow I wonder is this the real thing or holographic (project blue beam technology)

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