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Ufo Disclosure Day August 4, 2012?

Blake Cousins, owner of youtube channel, thirdphaseofthemoon, is calling for all sky watchers to arm themselves with their cameras and claims that today, August 4, 2012, will be a significant date in UFO history?
I dont know what he means by that because he only alludes to “reports,” “all around the world and swirling for months” and nothing more to back it up. Of course he also instructs us to upload our videos to thirdphaseofthemoon to “achieve maximum exposure”.

What he actually means is you upload your videos to his channel so he can achieve “maximum monetization” of your work. Trust me, all you need to do to achieve “maximum exposure” for your sighting  is to upload your video to your own youtube account, name it something like “ufo – blank description, blank location, and blank date” and if it’s good –  it will achieve “maximum exposure” on it’s own merit because sites like ufodaily will showcase it with due credit.

Im not trying to discredit Mr Cousins. He has many fans and detractors alike. I just think his videos are a bit far fetched sometimes and he trys too hard. The spooky background music, the long tracking shots in seedy locations, the bad copy, and the bad impression of a serious TV journalist – It’s almost parody. Did I mention he makes bad B Movies?




BREAKING! Steven Greer testing possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE)

Dr. Steven Greer just announced that he and his team are testing a possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) and intend to publish the results in The Disclosure Project’s upcoming documentary entitled “SIRIUS”. He further states that he has personally and professionally examined the deceased creature and it is not any known hominid. The following is quoted directly from his blog.

There is a chance that we may be able to include in the film “Sirius” the scientific testing of a possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) that has been recovered and is deceased. This EBE is in the possession of a cooperative institute desiring further scientific evaluation of the possible ET. We cannot reveal at this time the location of this being or the name of the person or persons who possess it.

Dr. Jan Bravo- who is a STAR Board member and a fellow Emergency Physician- and I have actually visited the group that possesses this EBE and have personally and professionally examined the being. It is indeed an actual deceased body, and most certainly is not plastic or man-made. It has a head, 2 arms and 2 legs and is humanoid . We have seen and examined X-Rays of the being. Its anatomy however is not homo sapien (modern human) or any known hominid (predecessors to humans).

As you can imagine, the security and scientific issues surrounding the further testing of this potentially explosive and world- changing evidence are mind-boggling. However, we feel we simply must proceed expeditiously but cautiously. The cost of doing proper MRI testing, full and dispositive forensic-level DNA testing and carbon dating with other isotope testing are considerable and certainly not currently funded. We must rule out other hominids, bizarre genetic defects and so forth. But it is most certainly an actual biological specimen – and it may be – well, what it looks like.

Read more of Dr Greer’s Blog HERE

Admittedly, Dr Greer is a polarizing figure in Ufology. He is quite pleased with himself. However the field of Ufology owes a lot to Dr Greer. I owe a lot to Dr Greer. For if it weren’t for The Disclosure Project (2001) many of us would still be in the dark. He managed to convince hundreds of government whistleblowers to go on the record and has repeatedly told their story to anyone who would listen, ever since. He wants to take us a step further with the documentary SIRIUS. Check out the trailer below.


(((LEAKED!))) Evidence of Invisible cloaking technology – is it made by DARPA?
Originally posted by AIA MANINAM

This video was submitted to the media by an anonymous source who stated that for 5 nights their motion sensors detected movement within their facility, when they checked the area for intruders, it always appeared to have been a sensor malfuction as noone was ever found in the premesis, on the 4th night one of the security guards said he had seen a ghost appeared on the video monitors, but noone believe him and on the 5th night he brought to work his own video camera and recorded what he saw on screen. this is the footage that was leaked to the media. We received other anonymous emails stating that this was actually a new technology developed by DARPA for the military. what do you think?


It has begun.

This is an update to a story we published 7/27, “Fast UFO – South Korea – July 26, 2012 – MUST SEE

According to our friend in disclosure Mr Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veteran’s Today, Ricardo Baretzky,  an operational director of an intelligence agency’s Asian desk tasked with coordinating multinational counter-terrorism, received confirmation of the authenticity of this video.  Baretzky made the following remarks:

We had spotted a large UFO craft in the same region some weeks ago.  It was sighted 20 minutes after the uniquely unsuccessful test of a North Korean missile.

It passed analysis but was of probable terrestrial origin, 1 kilometer in circumference and, by our estimations a reconnaissance craft with a 5 man crew, capable of speeds inside the atmosphere of 16,000 mph.  Outside the atmosphere?  We can only guess but endlessly more advanced than rocketry.

This is a different animal entirely.  The old records show it to be a horseshoe shaped reconnaissance craft of possible extraterrestrial origin.  This craft could pose a real global security threat should initial analysis be confirmed.

Early records indicate that a similar craft “horseshoe” shaped UFO had been sighted during the 1950s by American military interceptor craft.

Read the rest of the article HERE

2 things are important to point out. Number 1, he stated that “It is at their request we are doing this story” – this is HUGE. For any of you not familiar with Ufology, the US Government is’nt exactly forthcoming with what they know and have continually stonewalled us for 60 years on this subject. And, number 2, Gordon Duff dropped the name of one “Ricardo Baretzky,  an operational director of an intelligence agency’s Asian desk “. This is key because it is verifiable. He would’nt name drop if it werent true and he wouldnt burn a source by outing said source against his/her knowledge because doing so would ruin his street cred as a journalist.

This is how it will happen. Bits and pieces of confirmed intel trickling out. After all, E.T. and A.L.F. arent going to call a press conference so we better pay attention.

Stay Tuned.


After further research I came across a wealth of Geological Survey Data of the location in question with the date May 22, 1992.

See the Survey Maps HERE

Updates forthcoming.


Retired U. S. Army Counter-Intelligence Officer, Douglas Alan Mutschler thinks so. He contacted Linda Moulton Howe at to relay his account of an underground Pyramid “much larger than Egypt’s Great Pyramid” discovered by scientists studying the effects of a Chinese Nuclear Test on May 22, 1992. Mutschler says himself and 39 other servicemen watched an in depth TV newscast documenting the discovery on channel 13.

“OK, and they were talking about that – how big it was and then there was a byline. And the story was about geologists around the world had been informed through the U. N. because China had told the U. N. they were going to do this. And so these geologists got together and said let’s get the best recordings of the Earth’s crust and mantle using the vibrations from this explosion. What the geologists said they found in this byline news story (Anchorage TV Channel 13) story was under Alaska, they found a pyramid bigger than the one in Egypt. They said they did not know if it were solid or hollow. They could not tell that, but they had the distinct outline of a pyramid.”

A few days later, after noticing it hadn’t been picked up by any other news source, Douglas went to the TV station to request a copy of the broadcast.

“That’s the only thing I could come up myself. But the thing is I went the next day to the TV station and asked if I could get a copy of that story. And I was talking to the general manager asking for it.And he said, ‘What story? We didn’t run no story about no pyramid.’And I was like, ‘Sure you did. (laughs) There were 40 of us guys and they are watching on TV.’ But he denied the story ever running! And I was just perplexed. Knowing what I know, I thought to myself, ‘This guy has been got to. He’s covering.’ I mean, it’s the only thing that could be.”At the station he was approached by a technician who said “‘Man, we ran that, but I can’t get it for you. It’s gone. I can’t help you, but it ran”

About a year later he was a Fort Meade, MD (a highly compartmentalized top secret info storage site) working with the FBI on counter terrorism and in a storehouse of information, thought he would look for any information regarding the Alaskan discovery

” I was looking for what I was looking for. And then when I was done, I thought maybe they’d have something about this pyramid. So I went to what I guess would be like a librarian. And I asked him if he had anything on archaeological sites – I didn’t say pyramid. But I said archaeological sites or underground facilities in Alaska.

He said, ‘Well, if we do, it might be in container X, Y or Z.’ So I went over there and I was just looking around and I didn’t really find anything saying pyramid, but I grabbed a couple of Alaska – like from two different safes. And I had just set down and these two guys came – you know, you can feel when someone is standing behind you. And these two goons go, ‘Hey, you don’t have a need to know for that information.’

I turned around and said, ‘What do you mean?”

And he was like, ‘You don’t have a need to know! You are going to have to leave!’

I said, ‘Well, I’m just looking for something.’

He said, ‘We know what you are looking for.’

And the other guy somehow in that conversation, he goes, ‘They don’t want us messing with them up there any more. They don’t want you messing with them up there. They don’t want us or anybody messing with them.’

And the guy who was standing with him – the bigger guy – his head just shot over and he looked at his partner and you could tell he was just glaring at him. And I was like flustered because I was thinking, ‘What did he just tell me? They don’t want anyone messing with them any more?!”

It has haunted him ever since.

We typically see suppression of information when it comes to radio, print, and TV broadcasts. Take Roswell or Kecksburg for example. Those 2 historic cases along with this one all had  radio, print, or TV broadcasts that were either altered after the fact or simply taken by some spook in black sunglasses never to be seen again. It’s insulting and for any of you spooks in charge who may be reading this, your not protecting us by keeping secrets from us. Enough is enough. We can handle it!


To read more including official documents backing up his claims, go to

Thanks to coasttocoastam and Linda Howe for breaking this story


I bet this is a US craft. It’s eerily similar to the supposed US craft in South Korea that Gordon Duff at VeteransToday leaked.

Read about that here

This is a great documentary that tells the story of the KGB’s interest in the Ancient Alien Hypothesis and how Ancient Egypt fits in. Contains supposed secret footage of a clandestine mission to Egypt. Must Watch!

Originally published at

“( — In 2005, a reliable source covertly forwarded a message to STARstream Research. The note read like a piece from an espionage thriller. At issue: Disclosure of the CORE STORY, insider tales of the Earthly presence of an extraterrestrial intelligence……….”

For those of you not in the know, Gordon Duff and company at VT release tidbits of disclosure from inside intel sources in their various brilliantly written articles like “UFO forensic analysis“(a leaked US gov analysis of a Korean UFO – unprecedented) and “Disclosure – Time Games” among many more. A steady trickle if you will. These guys are in the know, know who knows, and want us to know. They are my secret weapon.

The following is an excerpt from The “friend” Uncle Gordy is referring to is a well placed government spook

Then my friend and associate sent me to Youtube. ”Something has caught our eye. We found a video that could not be “created” using any technology we foresee having available at the xxx for the next ten years.”
I asked the plans.
“Oh, that! UFOs are like a game in some ways, we can take a look at this and let you know but, all I can tell you is that, initially, we are accepting this as a genuine UFO. However, let me add, we are also accepting it as a vehicle of American manufacture.”

This implies that G D was sent this link from someone on the inside. Furthermore we get the impression that if it were video fakery it couldn’t be technologically possible at blank blank blank agency for maybe 10 years. But the final hint (this is key)  is that it’s an American craft. This is very telling.

The writers at VT are all ex Military and some ex Military Intelligence. So when Gordon Duff says he has a “friend” – he means it.  There is a reason why VT, a highly respected Military Affairs Journal is focusing such resources on the topic of UFOs. I think it’s obvious that whether directed by US Intelligence or for some other reason, this is planned dissemination of Intel. In other words – Disclosure. Thank you I hope more people are paying attention.